Why Should I Call My Church to a Corporate Fast?

As we embark on a new ministry year, all of us will be seeking a unique breakthrough whether personal, corporate as a church or regional as a movement. God's people have been seeking spiritual breakthrough for generations through the practice of prayer and fasting. Some examples are Moses, David, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Paul and Barnabas just to name of few. Yet our supreme example is our Savior. He set the example by fasting for...

400 Strong Churches

Gary Rohrmayer - President & Executive Minister

Forty years ago, at the 121st Annual Meeting for Converge MidAmerica, the leaders at the time wrote these words:

“It would seem feasible and desirable to project our faith to the extent of 200 churches by the year 2000. This projection can be a reality if current budgets are met, and if there is a constant flow of resources from new churches entering our fellowship....

Connect 2017 Recap

Gary Rohrmayer - President & Executive Minister

Nearly 300 leaders from 94 churches attended this power packed 24-hour event. This year, we welcomed in 7 new churches that have purposely joined Converge. We commissioned 7 church planters, celebrated launching 7 multi-sites from our multiplying churches, appointed 6 new board members and gave out 9 Prevailing Pastor Awards in celebration of pastors who have served...

Prayer Gathering

By Bryan Moak  |  Vice President of Church Strengthening

In August and September, Converge MidAmerica has been holding Prayer First Pastor Prayer Gatherings throughout the region. Over 50 of our pastors have participated in 7 different gatherings in Chicago, St. Louis, Michigan and Indianapolis. Each meeting was two hours long, and our purpose was…wait for it….to pray! I Timothy 2:1 says, “I urge then, first of all, that requests, prayers,...

New Director of Communications

Kyle Sorvick joins the Converge MidAmerica team to design communications and marketing materials by relaying messages from the team to our churches and beyond. Kyle graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Graphic Design. Kyle has over 13 years of experience as a graphic designer working for a wide variety of industries in both web, print, and mobile design. Kyle is passionate to help tell the stories of...

3 New Church Planters for MidAmerica

Shortly after moving to Nashville our new Vice President of Church Planting Danny Parmelee was able to recruit some high quality church planters. Three couples attended the last Converge Assessment Center in Denver and were recommended to plant a church. Be praying for these new church planting couples.

Marshal and Wesley Gallagher - Nashville, TN 

Marshall Gallagher is a Nashville native who has a deep...

21 Days of Prayer

This summer I have been reading a short biography on Charles H. Spurgeon.  When he was given a three-month trial preaching opportunity as a 19-year-old preacher at New Park Street Church in London, his first task was that his church of 80 people would learn how to truly pray.  Spurgeon said, “I can readily tell when a brother is praying, or when his is performing, or playing at prayer… Oh for a living groan!  One sigh of the soul has more power in it than half...


Our Antioch Moment

Our Antioch Moment.  Every church and missions organization will come to a moment where they need divine direction for the next steps to be in the center of God’s advancing mission.

In Acts 13:1-3 we see the leaders of the church in Antioch gathering for worship prayer and a season of fasting as they sought God’s answer to the question, "Lord what is our next step?" For them it was to release their beloved mentor and coach Barnabas and his protégé named...


The Dance of Ministry: Reflecting on My First Year as a Pastor’s Wife

It is most certainly summer here at what we affectionately call "Pete's Retreat." The day starts early for the three youngest boys. They share a rather large room with separate beds, yet at night when we check in on them, they're huddled together, passed out like puppies in one bed. As soon as the sun starts to come in through the curtains & the birds start singing their morning tune, they are AWAKE and HUNGRY. Which usually means Josh is half asleep, stumbling through the kitchen in desperate need for coffee that can't come quickly enough. (That’s right - HE makes the...


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