Creating a Culture of Leaders

By Lee Stephenson  |  Executive Director of Converge Church Planting

Where do I find high-capacity leaders? That’s a question and challenge any leader of an organization has asked. When it comes to leadership, you can’t recruit high-level leaders without first developing a culture to do so.

Finding, empowering and reproducing leaders is critical to the...

Showing Christ's Love to Refugee Children

By Michael Smith  |  Content Specialist, Converge

Over the past decade, Rockford, Illinois, has become home to thousands of refugees from around the globe.

Keenly aware of the plight of refugee children and the spiritual needs that only Jesus can fulfill, in 2016 Temple Baptist Church member Heather Dellamater developed The Welcome Project, a...

Each One Raise One

By Bryan Moak  |  Vice President of Church Strengthening

Each one reach one - Each one raise one - Each one start one - Each one send one.

This is the call for us as a movement in Converge and each are a critical reminder of how we will build healthy, fruitful churches. One that is a specific passion for me is “Each...

IGNITE: Building and Developing Leaders in the Latino Community

By Laura Anderson  |  Director of Marketing

What do you do when you can’t find the type of leaders you are looking for? Why not raise up the leaders yourself? That’s what Pastors Carlos Herrera and Jessy Padilla did when they were struggling to find the second-generation Latino leaders they were seeking....

Church Finance 101

Do you know the 2 keys for raising money in the local church?

The first key to raising money in a church setting is vision. The ability to consistently cast a clear and compelling vision is directly proportionate to your capacity to raise funds. The second key to raising money is integrity: the ability to establish trust with the congregation...

10 Lessons Learned from a Summer of Church Shopping

By Bryan Moak  |  Vice President of Church Strengthening

Last year I wrote an article sharing some lessons I learned as my wife and I were looking for a church home here in Chicago. Several people have asked about the article over this past year, so I thought I would repost it. I hope it will be helpful for you as you begin a new church season this fall.

Since coming on staff with...

CONVERGE RESPONDS: Willow Creek Community Church

By Scott Ridout  |  President of Converge

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Last spring, news of trouble at Willow Creek Community Church rippled through the evangelical world. Bill Hybels, founder of the church and the Willow Creek Association, which serves over 10,000 churches around the world, was...

What is Explore God Chicago 2019?

Explore God Chicago is an outreach initiative that is uniting churches in preaching a sermon series starting January 2019 on the 7 biggest questions everyone is asking about God and starting discussion groups where church members invite their unchurched friends and neighbors to discuss these big questions. Churches can choose to just offfer the group(s) or just preach the sermon series or do both.  Each pastor creates the message in their own style. All the resources for...

The Gospel of Christ Among Least Reached Metropolitan Regions of South America

By Lee Bloch

In the world today, there are 7,000 plus people-groups that are considered unreached by the Gospel. That translates into more than 3 billion people waiting for an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Missionaries have been in South America for more than a hundred years; yet there are hundreds of unreached people groups and thousands of the least reached communities with a Christian population of less than 5%.  

A majority of these UPG’s are...

Churches Strengthening Churches

My name is Keith Brich. My wife Lynda and I have been married just over twenty years, and we have two children, Savannah (17), and Meredith (14). Raised in Omaha, we have been missionaries in a very small town in rural Nebraska. But sensing God calling us out of the mission field, he brought us to Mattoon about a year ago to serve Providence Church.

I have always had a heart for missions, and our church had a desire to reach out beyond our walls. With that in mind, we...


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