Converge Vision Meetings Coming to Your Area

Vision Meetings

During the months of March, April and May we are inviting all of our churches to meet our new vice presidents Bryan Moak and Danny Parmelee to hear their personal stories, their individual calls to come serve us here in MidAmerica and to begin a process of developing a shared ten year vision (2017-27) for our churches, region and global impact.

Converge MidAmerica has been a grass roots organization for 165 years.  Over the next 10 months we are seeking to create a shared vision for starting and strengthening churches throughout our region. 

Peter Senge defines a shared vision as something that is not imposed by one or a few people as an organizational mandate.  Rather it is derived from the members of the organization.  A shared vision is the product of several interactions of individual visions. This requires regular conversations where people feel free to express themselves. They can then learn the process of sharing experiences and seek ways in which each individual is accountable for doing what is necessary to realize the vision.

We would love to have every pastor, their staff or key lay leaders join us for these inspirational and interactive gatherings.  As we seek God together to join his redemptive work in our cities, regions, and world. 

Coming Up Meetings

March 9th Northern Michigan - Center Lake Bible Camp (10 am to Noon)

March 9th Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamazoo - Berean Baptist Church (2-4 pm)

March 15th Chicago & South Suburbs - Bellevue Baptist Church (10 am-Noon)

March 15th Chicago Suburbs West, North - Meadows Christian Fellowship (2-4 pm)

March 22nd Eastern Michigan, Lansing & Detroit - Faith Bible Church (10-1 pm)

Stay tuned for Vision meetings to be scheduled in Central Illinois, Indiana and St. Louis in April and May.

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