The Elijah Model

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Elijah was given a gift under a broom tree and as a result the world received something even greater.  God met Elijah’s needs at a critical time in practical and miraculous ways.  That led to an “AHA” moment that brought clarity and challenge which has benefited every generation since.

We aim for a similar impact.

Broom Tree Retreats are designed to provide uninterrupted time with God in rest, reflection and beauty.  Pastors and spouses consistently experience “AHA” moments that bring clarity and challenge for the next season of ministry.

For 20 years we have been strengthening the church one pastor at a time.  Pastors are given a gift at Broom Tree and as a result an even greater gift is given to their communities.  It is a gift of spiritual and emotional health that multiplies into families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

Elijah’s desire was to end the spiritual decay that was happening in Israel and to increase the faith of God’s people.

In 2017 and beyond it is our goal to have a similar impact on our country.  This can happen only because of God’s intervention during each retreat.  He has an intimate way of stirring His pastors to fulfill their purpose in their congregations.

Broom Tree’s spiritual retreats allow pastor couples [and singles] to share in Elijah’s broom tree experience.  They are invited to trade the busyness and intensity of pastoral leadership for physical and spiritual rest and rejuvenation.

Psalm 46:10 describes what is made possible at our retreats, “Cease your striving and know that I am God.”

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