Why Prayer First!

Some years ago, I was speaking to a friend who had returned from a mission trip to South America. The purpose of the trip was evangelism and they followed a formula that had amazing results. The group would identify an area that they wanted to do door to door evangelism. They would first spend a day prayer walking the area they targeted for evangelism. The next day they would do the evangelism and they saw God move in miraculous ways.

One particular day the schedule got compressed, so the group decided they would bypass the prayer walking and simply begin the evangelism. This day everything was different. Doors didn’t open, people were unwilling to talk, and they saw no spiritual fruit. What happened? They recognized that they had short circuited their process by not beginning with Prayer First. The group wisely returned to the original formula and prayer walked the same neighborhood. Then when they went door to door they found open doors, people willing to talk and God moved!

The lesson is pretty clear. God wants us to begin every endeavor with Prayer First!

As I begin my role as Vice President of Church Strengthening, our President Gary Rohrmayer wanted to me to bring my experience in prayer ministry to help us expand and bring consistent focus to our cooperative prayer efforts (21 Days of Prayer and 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting) and turn them into a movement of prayer throughout our churches.

So we are launching our prayer movement by calling it Prayer First!

How is the Gospel going to go forward in our region? By putting Prayer First! How is God going to bring renewal and revival to our churches? By placing Prayer First! How are we going to find church planters and pastors to lead our churches? In practicing Prayer First!  How is God going strengthen our pastors and planters thru the deep waters of ministry? You guessed it, Prayer First!

Psalm 34:6a says, “In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened.”  It is with this “Healthy Desperation” for prayer as a dear friend calls it, that we are excited to launch Prayer First!.

In the weeks to come, you will be seeing all sorts of opportunities to help encourage your church to put Prayer First. To begin, I am available to come to your church for a Prayer First! Weekend. I can teach and preach on prayer, and also facilitate opportunities where we can experience prayer together. Second, we are going to be creating regional Prayer First! Gatherings where pastors within a particular area can gather together with one simple agenda – Prayer.

I know God wants to do amazing things through Converge MidAmerica. Imagine what He might do in our midst as we come with a healthy desperation to Prayer First! and trust Him to work mightily in our midst.

For more information, or to schedule a Prayer First! weekend, contact bryan@convergemidamerica.org or call him at 224-585-3821.