Everything By Prayer

When City Hope Bible Church in St. Louis accepted the challenge to pray dangerously, Pastor Al Palmer knew it wasn’t going to be easy. “For so many years we’d been so busy doing ministry,” says Palmer, “but prayer wasn’t a priority.” In fact, he says prayer was too often a last resort. But people grew weary of programs; they were ready to do life God’s way. And God’s way means putting prayer first.

So, in October, City Hope embarked on 21 Days of Prayer. Using 21 Dangerous Prayers by Gary Rohrmayer as a guide, all 28 participants, including Pastor Palmer, committed to pray for personal and corporate makeovers. The impact has been immediate and lasting. City Hope now has a DOP (Department of Prayer), ensuring that every church ministry has at least two dedicated prayer warriors supporting it. If it’s happening at City Hope, it’s saturated in prayer.

Any kind of transformation takes effort. At first people feared that spending so much time in prayer would lead to inactivity. Palmer reminds them that the God of the universe moves His people to action through prayer. While shifting to a culture of prayer hasn’t been automatic, as leaders we intentionally model lives of prayer, Christ’s church follows.

For City Hope, 21 Days of Prayer was a turning point. But the adventure isn’t over. When they asked God, “What’s next?” he gave them a vision for 21 Weeks of Dangerous Prayers, which will start in early 2018.

Will you join us?

Pastor, will you strengthen the prayers of your church in leading your people to join us as we kick off the year with a prayer and fasting emphasis?

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