3 New Church Planters from AR to IL

By Danny Parmelee  |  Vice President of Church Planting

Josh & Shelli Robertson 

Our passion with City Church Little Rock is helping people discover security, stability and significance by building a family that finds joy and purpose in everyday things through the Good News of Jesus. We are launching missional communities all around the Little Rock area in order for more people to experience the true joy that comes from life on mission and life in the family.

Your friendship and your gifts are greatly appreciated, as they allow us (Josh and Shelli) to focus on the calling God has given for the Little Rock area.

Please see the links below if you would like to support Josh and Shelli Robertson to plant City Church Little Rorck in Little Rock, AR.

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Ricky & Amber Brown 

I am Pastor Ricky Brown and I have served bi-vocationally in different areas of pastoral ministry for 14 years. My wife Amber and I strongly sense God’s call to plant a church in the city of Chicago at this time. We are excited to embark on what we believe will be a life changing journey, not only for us, but for the 200,000 people living in the surrounding community

Our church will be planted in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the southside of Chicago. Hyde Park is home to the largest creative class (people who earn their living by what they write, produce, compose, or illustrate) in the city. We desire to have a ministry that allows people to see how their creativity can be used as a means to further the kingdom of God in His redeeming work of mankind.

In addition, we desire to plant a church that is truly multi-ethnic in leadership and congregants. By God’s grace I have preached the Gospel in Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Turkey, Jordan and throughout the U.S. I sincerely want a church as diverse as my passport! We will be multicultural in our presentation of the Gospel and in our worship, always having discipleship as the primary focus. We want to model for the city of Chicago what it means to be in Biblical community in the family of God, truly loving one another.

Having our mission centered on the Gospel, New Creation Church will be a place where people can receive the word of God and experience the love of God from the people of God. Thank you for supporting the mission of planting New Creation Church.

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Kyle & Colleen Gennicks  

Montgomery, IL is a maturing community: settled and incorporated in the 1800s, the former “City of Industry” slowly grew from a few hundred to a few thousand; from 1860 to 2000, the village grew to 5,000 and was known for agriculture and manufacturing.

But Montgomery, IL is also a multiplying community: from 2000 to today, it has speedily grown as a far-flung suburb of Chicagoland; with the housing boom at its height, farms became bedroom communities, the population multiplied to 20,000, and today 3 of 4 people in the village did not reside here just 15 years ago.

While this community has been known for its making, maturing, and multiplying, the church within this community is not known for keeping up with the growth; we hope to be a part of the solution.

We believe God is already moving here, and He has given us a desire to partner with Him in the storyline He is writing by giving manpower, minutes, and money into making, maturing, and multiplying disciples of Jesus for the glory of God, the good of all people in our community, and our own growth in learning, living, and loving like Jesus!

Please partner with us by giving cheerfully, generously, and sacrificially to see God’s vision become a reality.

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