Prayer First Weekends & Testimony

By Bryan Moak  |  Vice President of Church Strengthening

When I started my new role with Converge MidAmerica last March, I was excited that there was a real desire to see the temperature of prayer increase throughout our region. I had been blessed to work with Converge for years with their prayer ministry, and served in two churches that were passionate for prayer, so this really resonated with me. So, in the Spring of 2017 we started the Prayer First initiative.

Prayer First was taken from the Apostle Paul’s instruction to Timothy in 1 Timothy 2:1a. “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people.” (NIV). It is our goal to urge our churches, first of all, to pray! And it is our prayer that God would increase a movement of prayer in our churches that would usher in an unprecedented work of spiritual renewal and revival.

Shortly upon beginning this initiative, we began offering Prayer First weekends for churches, again something I took from my experience with Converge.  Our desire with these weekends has been that God would create a new healthy desperation for prayer in our congregations that would breathe a fresh work of the Holy Spirit in our churches and communities.

I had no idea how much people would embrace these weekends filled with preaching, teaching and experiences in prayer. To date, I have led 8 different prayer weekends from Lafayette to St. Louis and everywhere in between. And more are already scheduled for 2018.

Below, you will read a testimony from a prayer leader in LaFayette named Megan. I trust her experience from the Prayer Weekend at her church will encourage you.

If you would like to learn more about Prayer First Weekends, or would like to schedule a Prayer First weekend, email me at



Megan Hill - Lafayette Community Church in Lafayette, IN. 

We recently hosted a Prayer First weekend, that seems now to be the tip of the iceberg of work the Lord is arranging here. I coordinated the event, which was a pleasure and growth experience in and of itself. As an attender, I was just simply waiting to see what the Lord had in mind that weekend, not considering that he had an idea for me. During the Saturday morning workshop- Jumpstart Your Prayer Life- Bryan encouraged us to pray our passion. I told the Lord then and there that I thought I was just a pawn more or less, not in a negative sense, just always willing to be used by Him, in this way and that, when he saw fit, but I had no specific passion. As I prayed this, I became immediately aware of a word the Spirit had laid on my heart. That word was “lukewarm”. He answered a prayer that I didn’t know I had! In that moment, He burdened my heart and gave me a passion for discipleship among those who are lukewarm in their walk with Christ. 

That weekend, I believe, helped to start a small fire that the Lord will continue to stoke and is already burning brighter and stronger here. People are calling out to Him and He is answering. Hallelujah!