Evangelism Tools For Easter!

By Gary Rohrmayer | President & Executive Minister

One of the joys I receive is hearing stories for pastors and leaders who are using the Spiritual Journey Guide in creative ways that i never thought of ... and are achieving great results.

Mark Bjorlo of Journey North Church sent me this exciting email after last Easter. "Hi Gary! Everyone who came to The Journey North today got the new Spiritual Journey Guide and I ended the message by walking them all through it - over 20 people came to Christ."

So I asked Mark if he would respond to a couple of questions to address the why's, and the how's in using the Journey Guide last Easter.

Question: What were some of the motivating factors for using the Spiritual Journey Guide on Easter Sunday?

Mark Bjorlo:   I feel that Easter is a Super Bowl event for the faith.  So many people who only come to church a few times a year will walk into our doors.  The stakes for their faith is really huge.  I am concerned with how the Gospel can be shared in ways that are accessible to those who God is stirring and that I don't get in the way of the opportunity by not being clear, not being complete or not being compelling.   Easter is just too important, so I love using tools that can help me clear, complete and compell.  The Spiritual Journey Guide did that for us.

Question: How did you tie it into Easter?

Mark Bjorlo: The Journey Guide gives a way for people to take a very quick self assessment and allows me to become a spiritual ally in helping them take the next step.  I walked the congregation through the guide and asked them to be honest with themselves about where they were on their journey.  

Question: How did you actual use it and present it to the congregation?

Mark Bjorlo: It was handed to everyone as they came in with the bulletin.  It was simple to incorporate into the message and I walked them through it as if we were sitting eye to eye, toe to toe at a coffee shop.

Question: What were the immediate results?

Mark Bjorlo: Over 20 ... I think 23 to be exact!

Question: What were the lingering results?

Mark Bjorlo: We followed that up with 65 Baptisms

Question: Have you used the Spiritual Journey Guide in other venues?

Mark Bjorlo: I am teaching about Generous Faith this weekend and will be using the guides to teach the church how to use it as a tool for spiritual conversations.  Also, everyone who indicates through our response card in the service that they are interested in learning how to have a relationship with Jesus gets sent the Journey Guide.  That provides us with a great tool to follow up with when we call.  We can ask them to grab it and walk through it with them right over the phone.

The Spiritual Journey Guide is a simple conversational guide that helps people self-assess where they are on their spiritual journey while providing guidance and direction for taking the next step towards spiritual discovery and spiritual maturity. (Click to see a Sample Version)


Use the Spiritual Journey Guide for your Easter Outreach this year and get in on the special sale.