The Importance of a Regular Check Up

By Bryan Moak | Vice President of Church Strengthening

I’m 50 years old now, and that age is a trigger for some rather unpleasant medical procedures. I am NOT looking forward to it. So why am I going to go though all of this if I feel fine? I do it because I want to make sure that I’m ACTUALLY fine. Doing preventative medicine helps me to deal with any issues that might come up before it gets too serious. In fact, I just heard a story of a woman who was given a serious cancer diagnosis that was going to involve some radical treatment that could have been taken care of much simpler if she had done the preventative care she needed to. But in her mind, no news was good news. In reality, she was sick and she didn’t even know it.

The church can look like this too. We forget that the body of Christ is a living organism, and so we refuse to do a “check-up” to make sure we’re healthy. Instead we put blinders on, thinking that if we just simply ignore reality everything will be ok. By the time the sickness in our church body really begins to manifest itself, we find ourselves looking at a disease and treatment that is formidable. Sometimes, the disease is even terminal.  If only we had done the preventative medicine that could have helped us heal much easier and sooner.

This month we are encouraging all of our churches to do a “check-up” by doing the church health assessment Natural Church Development (NCD). We think a check-up like NCD is so important, we are actually offering a discount to our churches. Why do we encourage you so strongly to take this assessment? Because we believe that healthy churches take an honest assessment of their current health, and diligently plan to improve.

So what’s stopping you from taking your church to the doctor for a check-up? No matter the diagnosis, we are there to walk you through you a treatment plan that will move your church to increased health for your good, and the glory of Christ and His kingdom.

Click here to check out how you can begin your NCD journey towards increased health and missional impact.