Building a Church of Prayer

Pastor Dee Duke wrote, "Maintaining the prayer mission of our church is like boiling water. You have to keep the heat on all the time. Once you take the heat off, it stops.  A lot of persuading has to take place, and leadership must be committed to building a church of prayer."

One of my convictions is that I just don’t want to be known as a movement of churches but I want be known as a movement of prayer - a group of people who truly put PrayerFirst, Pastors as you begin your fall planning, I hope you will put some time into planning how you are going to kick off your fall ministry season with a renewed spirit of prayer.  Conducting 21 Days of Prayer Campaign is an excellent opportunity to fire up the prayer furnace of your church.

Why 21 Days?

The prophet Daniel, who was deeply concerned over the spiritual condition of his people, prayed and fasted for 21 days (Daniel 10:1-3).  There are certain seasons in our lives when we need to give focused attention to the spiritual needs of our family, church and community. During the 21 Days of Prayer you will teach your people how to truly pray to God privately and also how to petition Him publically.

Privately and Publically

You can teach your people how to pray privately by starting their day off with prayer through one of our 21 Days of Prayer Devotional Guides: 21 Dangerous Prayers, 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, and 21 Courageous Prayer (coming out this month).

You can teach your people how to pray publically in holding a series of prayer meetings.  Some churches hold prayer meetings Monday through Friday from 6am-7am with a Saturday prayer meeting from 9am-10am.  Other churches pick one morning a week and one evening a week for special corporate prayer meetings. Others will turn their regular meeting into focused times of guided prayer.

Here is a simple outline for a guided prayer session:

  • Worship: Two songs to get us God focused
  • Devotional: Five minutes to get people’s hearts spurred on to pray.
  • Prayer: Forty-five minutes for individuals to pray alone or to pray in groups. Provide specific corporate prayer requests.
  • Commissioning Prayer: 3-5 minute pastoral prayer sending them out for the day.

This fall we are encouraging each Converge MidAmerica pastor or church planter to lead their church through some form of a 21 Days of Prayer.  If you are planning a 21 Days of Prayer, please inform our office so that we can be praying for you and your church during the season.

Pastor Dee Duke likes to say this “Much prayer, much blessing!  Little prayer, little blessing!  No prayerno blessing!” 

May God give us the courage to lead our churches to pray so that we will be known as a movement of prayer!

Join us for a Free webinar Jun 14, 2018 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada) on How to Conduct 21 Days of Prayer Campaign in your church.