The Gospel of Christ Among Least Reached Metropolitan Regions of South America

By Lee Bloch

In the world today, there are 7,000 plus people-groups that are considered unreached by the Gospel. That translates into more than 3 billion people waiting for an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Missionaries have been in South America for more than a hundred years; yet there are hundreds of unreached people groups and thousands of the least reached communities with a Christian population of less than 5%.  

A majority of these UPG’s are indigenous tribes, isolated people groups, or diaspora groups in urban centers. Yet, the vast majority of the least reached communities fall within what we term the Southern Cone of South America. 

The Southern Cone is a geographic region in South America located east of the Andes Mountains and south of the Tropic of Capricorn. It encompasses Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil and is one of the least-reached regions in South America. In Southern Brazil alone there are 145 cities with a population that is less than 5% Evangelical.

Uruguay and Argentina both have a high percentage of atheists and agnostics, and although the number of Evangelicals has grown over the last decade, they still represent less than 5% of the population in many communities. 

We are asking God for a gospel movement in every metropolitan region with over a million people in Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil in our generation. We have a tremendous opportunity to advance the Gospel to the least reached.

As part of the Southern Cone Initiative team, we are committed to developing communities of Jesus followers who regularly meet and fellowship in reproducing multiplying movements that holistically impact individuals, communities and regions through the power of the Gospel. 

Regina and I are committed to continuing to invest our lives, through prayer and discipleship to bring saving faith to these strategic metropolitan regions, to developing transformational leaders empowered by the Spirit of God, embracing God’s distinct calling, gifting, and opportunities for eternal impact—all for the glory of God.

We are in the Midwest beginning late July 2018 through early September 2018. Our goal is continuing to develop strong partnerships with churches and individuals in order to strategically move our family within the Southern Cone region by June of 2020. We would like to meet you and share how God is working here. Our immediate need is strong prayer partners to join us in advancing The Gospel of Christ together with strong financial partnerships. We seek churches willing to go deep with their missionaries along with individuals inspired to develop relationships and commitments of regular monthly prayer and financial partnership. 

Dear family in Christ, the need is great, the opportunity present and now. We see God’s Spirit working in this initiative, using Converge to help accomplish it. Will you become a partner with us in this Gospel-spreading initiative through prayer and financial support joining in how God is moving in South America? The work is not finished; our calling is clear. Join us.   

Yours in Christ, Lee & Regina


Lee and Regina are sent-commissioned missionaries by The Moody Church, Chicago, IL. Lee hails from the Midwest, Chicago, IL, where he spent years in preaching, pastoral, and evangelistic ministry before leaving for the mission field in Brazil in 2009. Regina is from Brazil and has been involved with women’s and children’s ministry through church-planting initiatives in Brazil since 2002. God brought them together to meet in 2006 through Lee’s evangelistic ministry where Regina was doing research for a church-plant. They were married in 2008 and have been ministering as missionaries in Brazil since 2009.