What is Explore God Chicago 2019?

Explore God Chicago is an outreach initiative that is uniting churches in preaching a sermon series starting January 2019 on the 7 biggest questions everyone is asking about God and starting discussion groups where church members invite their unchurched friends and neighbors to discuss these big questions. Churches can choose to just offfer the group(s) or just preach the sermon series or do both.  Each pastor creates the message in their own style. All the resources for your church to participate are online, and they are all free.

We believe that God has been bringing the Church together in the Chicago area for some time now. Churches have begun praying together, serving together and we are ready to be proclaiming the Gospel together. This fall, marketing will begin going out on radio, billboards, and social media, inviting people to church or discussion groups to Explore 7 Big Questions about God in January and February.

The impact will happen as many churches unite and do this together to reach out to the 9.4 million people in Chicagoland.

Currently, there are over 200 churches registered. You can see what churches in your area are on board at the Explore God Church Finder.

 Here is a video from pastors who already have participated in Austin, TX  and here are some videos of Chicago area pastors who are excited to particpate togehter this January and why.

For more information or to register your church, visit ExploreGodChicago.com