Become a Church Planter

How do I become a church planter with Converge? 

Good question! We’re not here to convince you to become a church planter, we’re here to help you discover if God has wired you to be a church planter. Our Pathway to Planting is a 14 step process that guides us as we walk alongside potential church planters, aid them in determining God's call on their lives, and ultimately see their church planting dream become a reality. 

Pathway to Planting

CP Pathway Image 1Connect

Relationships are important to us! So understanding who you are and the dream that God has planted in your heart is important to us. Whether you found us on the web, through one of our pastors or through a friend of Converge; your church planting dream matters to us. Danny Parmelee is our Vice President of Church Planting works with all of our regional church planting directors. Email or call him.


CP Pathway Image 2Initial Interview

Next we would like to set up an interview with one of our Regional Church Planting Directors to talk at length, either over the phone or face to face, to discuss your options and possibilities of church planting with Converge. Our directors might even invite you and your team to attend one of our many events or gatherings happening throughout the region. 


CP Pathway Image 3Church Planting Application

If you're interested in continuing with Converge, we will encourage you to fill out our Church Planting application and return it to us. From the application we will compile a preliminary report for a pre-assessment interview.


CP Pathway Image 4Pre-Assessment

During the pre-assessment process one of our Regional Directors will use your resume, application and preaching sample to determine whether a formal assessment is the next step. At this time you will have opportunities to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of what you can expect from Converge and what Converge will expect from you and your new church. 


CP Pathway Image 5Assessment

At Converge, we believe that church planter assessment is one key factor to our movement's church planting success. The four-day experience for planters and their spouses is facilitated by a highly qualified assessment team and is offered at various times and locations throughout the year. The average cost for this assessment is roughly $3000 (assessment fees & travel expenses). We ask each planter to invest a small portion of the cost ($330) and Converge will pay the rest as an investment in your future. 


CP Pathway Image 6Proposal

After successfully passing the Assessment Center, it is time to zero in. You will need to prepare a detailed Church Planting Proposal covering your prospective church planting area, target group, budget and any specifics of the church planting project. 


CP Pathway Image 6bCovenant Partnership

Once your proposal is approved, we will walk you through Covenant Partnership, a candid conversation on what you can expect from Converge and what Converge will expect from you and your new church. This is done to make sure that we both understand policies and procedures so we can move ahead harmoniously. We see this relationship as a covenant partnership moving together to see the kingdom of God advanced.  


CP Pathway Image 7Formal Call to Plant

Following the acceptance of your proposal, and signing of the Covenant Partnership, we will extend to you a formal call to be a Converge church planter. At this time your funding account will be set up and your support can begin flowing in. 


CP Pathway Image 8Training

Upon your acceptance of the call, you and your team will be invited to participate in a Church Planting 101 workshop. You will be connected with an experienced church planting coach to help you and your team move forward. We'll also provide you with strategic resources to guide you in starting your new church ministry. You can preview some of those resources here


CP Pathway Image 9Raise Support

At Church Planting 101, you and your team will be taught how to raise both prayer and financial support. Your planting coach and regional team will actively be involved in this important process.


CP Pathway Image 10Plant a Church

The pre-planting process is complete but the really challenging work is just beginning. Our systems provide ongoing coaching and resources to church planters and their teams even after their new churches are planted. But don't stop here. Remember...healthy churches plant churches. It is never too early to begin thinking about planting your first daughter church or site. Our motto is "Plant before you Build!"


cp networkJoin a Network

Being part of an ongoing church planting community is critical. Our Regional Directors are developing Networks and LEAD Teams, which are church planting cohorts of pastors and planters who desire to be part of the ongoing church planting efforts in a specific regional area. Being an active member in those groups is critical to your health as a planter and the health of our movement as a whole. 


Plant a Church

The Church Planting 201 is designed for church planters to attend with their new church leadership 6-12 months after they have launched their new church. The purpose is to help them navigate the critical steps of seeing this new church become self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating. 


cp image 12Join a Lead Pastor Coaching Group

Coaching Groups are supportive groups who meet six times a year to help you strategically think through your ministry, skill development and to assist you in breaking the critical growth barriers you are facing in your ministry. Remember: Healthy leaders plant healthy churches who in turn plant healthy churches. 


To get started, email your resume and a preaching sample to Danny Parmelee.