We are dedicated to coaching leaders and churches.

We believe no leader should lead alone. 
It is more than just a good idea. It is a life-giving, lifesaving way of pastoral living. Modeled by Jesus. Practiced by the early church. Demanded by the high pressure of church ministry today.  

We believe healthy leaders lead healthy churches.
We all know that, right? Well, so does Satan. He makes sure the spiritual, emotional and physical health of pastors like you is under constant attack. 

We believe the most effective Pastor Groups are designed by pastors for pastors. 
Pastors best know what pastors need to survive and thrive in spite of constant spiritual warfare, so we let our pastors set the agenda for their groups.  

What is a Pastor Coaching Group?
It is a group where pastors gather to lift each other to higher levels of professional, spiritual and personal development. This is accomplished through “peer coaching” of each other under the guidance of an experienced facilitator/coach. As pastors share their ministry experience and spiritual journey, focusing on best practices, leadership lessons, character challenges, and current needs, their shared wisdom and encouragement provide an environment where real personal growth can take place. 

Why Join a Pastor Coaching Group?

  1. To stay in touch with current trends and best practices.
  2. To develop a spiritual band of brothers for support and accountability.
  3. To receive personalized coaching from a seasoned pastor/coach.
  4. To be a part of God's greater kingdom work in your area. 
To find out more, please contact: Bryan Moak, Vice President of Church Strengthening. 847.692.4125