Dearborn Initiative


Jonathan & Christie Swift
Christ Community Church
Dearborn, MI

The Dearborn Initiative started as a simple question. While serving as missionaries in Lebanon, Jonathan and Christie Swift invited their home church in Michigan to pray with them about how best to be gospel-driven, city-reaching, globally strategic, and Kingdom-minded. The question was posed: “What if we could plant a gospel-driven church, reaching out to families from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, while at the same time advance strategic global church-planting by recruiting & equipping internationals to spread the gospel back in their Muslim homelands, all without leaving our own backyard?” The backyard is Jonathan’s hometown, Dearborn, MI, home to the most densely populated Muslim community in the US, where all these opportunities are packed into this uniquely diverse city and the new church plant is Christ Community Church @ the Village. Your gift will help make the vision for this local initiative with global impact a reality. Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel! 

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