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Fasting Resource List

Converge MidAmerica encourages our churches to call a corporate fast within the first 3 months of the year (January, February, March).  This resource page is update annually to give our pastors the tools and ideas to effectively call our churches to deeper relationship with God.  Feel free to share your creative ideas with our team.  info@convergemidamerica.org


Why Should I Call My Church to a Corporate Fast? – Gary Rohrmayer
Prayer and Fasting in the Pastors Life – Ronnie Floyd
Revival & Fasting – John Piper
Why should I Consider a Social Media Fast? – Kevin DeYoung
Quick Study on Fasting – Gary Rohrmayer
Eight Basic Guidelines for Fasting  – Gary Rohrmayer
Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer – CRU
Being in Tune with the Supernatural though Fasting – Ronnie Floyd
Strengthening our Prayers through Fasting  – Gary Rohrmayer
Bill Bright’s Fasting Testimony – Gary Rohrmayer
David Brainerd’s Fasting Testimony – Gary Rohrmayer
21 Classic Fasting Quotes – Gary Rohrmayer



Fasting for a Spiritual Breakthrough – Gary Rohrmayer
Power of Fasting Together – Mark Albrecht
Readying Ourselves for a Breakthrough – Mark Albrecht

 First: Priority Determines Capacity

Start Now! - Darryn Scheske 
21 Days Of Prayer & Fasting - Darryn Scheske
The Power Of Priority - Darryn Scheske
What Really Matters? - Darryn Scheske
Nothing To Lose - Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.

John Piper's Sermons on Fasting A Hunger For God

Tony Evans' Sermons on Fasting

      • The Importance of Fasting
      • Fasting For Deliveranc
      • Fasting For Burden
      • Fasting For Protection
      • Fasting For Needs
      • Fasting For Mates
      • Fasting For Marriage
      • Fasting For Healing
      • Fasting For Guidance
      • Fasting For Revival
      • Fasting For Ministry
      • Fasting For Intimacy
      • Fasting For Justice
      • Fasting For Power


Hunger for God Seminar – John Piper
The Daniel Plan - Rick Warren 


What is the Purpose of Fasting? – John Piper
How Can I Conquer Gluttony? – John Piper 

Reading Plans/Devotional Guides


Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough – Elmer Towns
Fasting for a Financial Breakthrough – Elmer Towns
Hunger for God – John Piper
Hunger for God – John Piper (Free pdf)
God’s Chosen Fast – Arthur Wallis
The Power of Prayer and Fasting – Ronnie Floyd
The Daniel Plan – Rick Warren
Fasting: Ancient Practices – Scot McNight