Interim Pastor

Are You Looking for an Interim Pastor?

Navigating the transition between an outgoing Senior Pastor and the next Senior Pastor is one of the most difficult and dangerous times in the life of a church. It is a complex process of helping people grieve their loss, assessing the health of the church, affirming what is best in the church, correcting any threats to the church, cleaning up any messes that might scare off pastoral candidates, leading the congregation through a pastoral search, and preparing them to embrace the new pastor. All of that while maintaining the regular ministries of the church.  Quite a task.

And if that isn’t hard enough, leading a church through a pastoral transition usually includes navigating the whitewater of change, difficult decisions, disagreement, and even conflict.

Statistics show that churches best weather pastoral transitions when they use experienced, Intentional Interim Pastors, sometimes called Transition Pastors. These men do it well because they have the training and experience to handle situations regular church staff or leaders are not equipped to handle. They know how to navigate whitewater.

If your church is facing a pastoral transition, Converge MidAmerican wants to help.

  • We offer personal coaching through pastoral transitions
  • We can provide expertise to guide your pastoral search.  (See Executive Ministry Search Services)
  • We have established guidelines, sample job descriptions, and sample agreements for churches to use with interim pastors 
  • We have a growing list of men qualified to serve your church as Intentional Interim Pastors.

To find out more contact our VP of Church Strengthening Bryan Moak.

Done properly, your church time of transition can be a time of  revitalization. 


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