coverGuidelines for Licensing

Prior to granting a license, a church should establish policies regarding the licensing procedure. 

1. A church may decide to grant a license to those who are preparing for a career as a pastor or missionary and are in the process of gaining an MDiv. or similar seminary degree.

2. A church may decide to grant a license to future pastors and missionaries and to those serving the church in music, in Christian education, youth, and church administration ministries. 

3. A church should decide prior to granting a license what degree of theological knowledge the licensee should have before a license is granted.

4. A church should decide whether to grant a license for a specific period of time, i.e., 5 years or grant a license without an expiration date. While an applicant for licensing in most cases would not have a seminary degree, the church should insist on evidence of a good understanding of evangelical theology and Baptist church polity before a license is issued. In a formal interview with a candidate the church may use the Converge Worldwide (BGC) Statement of Faith as a guideline for interview with the candidate. The purpose of the review would be to insure the candidate has a consistent understanding of his/her faith and is able to annunciate it with an acceptable degree of clarity. 

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