Church buildings are private property and are used primarily for the exercise of religion.  As such, the use of church buildings is cloaked with First Amendment protection both under the Free Exercise Clause and the Free Speech Clause. If the government attempts to force a church to use its private property in ways that are inconsistent with...

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Church Planting

For millions of Americans, small towns are places to live, work, make friends, raise their families, and die. It's a place of tradition, relatives and friends. Most small communities are typically secure, progressive, wonderful, authentic, vibrant, healthy... and needy. They represent a huge mission field that is ripe for a relevant gospel...

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There’s no place like home. It may be the one place where you can take a break from the stress and challenges of ministry. As an ordained or licensed minister or commissioned missionary, you are likely able to take advantage of the Minister's Housing Allowance.

This article provided by the ECFA explains the breakdown of the Minister's...

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