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The Way We Carry the Load

By Dick Loizeaux

I was a strapping 16 year old teenage boy growing up on a dairy farm, feeling strong and self confident. Then one day I struggled to lift a 55 gallon drum of waste onto a flatbed wagon. I tried several times but couldn’t lift it high enough. Meanwhile, old Herbie, a spry 78, stood nearby in his bib overalls, smoking a corncob pipe, watching me fail and grinning.  He shook his head sadly as he walked over and effortlessly lifted the drum onto the wagon. I stood there stunned and humiliated. I mean HUMILIATED.

“Herbie” I asked, “How did you do that?” He removed...

Six Keys for Establishing Rhythm in Your Ministry

By Gary Rohrmayer

Last week I stumbled across several articles on the importance of establishing rhythm and relaxation in the training of horses.  There are some great principles to glean from those who ride and train these powerful animals.  Here are a few:

1.  Rhythm and relaxation work together inseparably.

“Relaxation makes it easier to set rhythm, and rhythm makes it easier to relax.”...

Director of Church Health Hired

By Gary Rohrmayer

At Converge MidAmerica we are serious about church health! The ongoing health of our churches both old and new alike is one of our chief concerns. Healthy churches + Healthy Leaders = Lives being transformed. I am proud to announce that through the generosity and faithful support from the churches of Converge MidAmerica we were able to secure Dick Loizeaux as our Director of Church Health.


A Note About our Minister's Assistance Program

Pastor's Families Matter to Us!

When our daughter was 16 years old a friend of hers who attended her youth group and whose family attended our church tragically took her own life.  Even though it has been 6 years those memories are still painfully close for our family.   

As you could imagine our daughter struggled deeply with this painful loss and as parents we wrestled in how to comfort and nurture her during this confusing time.  We realized that she needed more help than we could give at that time.  She needed someone to talk with who was not personally...

Confronting Our Excuses For Not Taking Time Off

By Dick Loizeaux

Hi. My name is Dick. I am a recovering ministry workaholic.  My support group is pretty big. It includes most of the pastors I bump into. Maybe you are one of them. 

The sad fact is that we pastors read dozens of books and articles about the importance of building rhythms of rest and renewal into our lives. We agree with the advice. We believe it is God’s will for us. And then...

Creating a Culture of Generosity Throughout Your Church

By Gary Rohrmayer

If you are going to grow a church significantly one of the skill you are going to need is to learn how to create and shape the culture of your organization.  When we speak about culture, we are referring to an organization's "values, beliefs, and behaviors. In general, it is concerned with beliefs and values on the basis of which people interpret experiences and behave, individually and in groups." (HT)  Building and shaping an organizations...

Dealing with Annonymous Letters

By Dick Loizeaux

All pastors get them. Unsigned notes that arrive unannounced and unwelcomed, "kindly" telling us everything we did wrong last Sunday, or at the last business meeting, or since the day we were spawned with a sin nature. They come from our dearest friend, Mister or Misses Anonymous. So what do you do with them after grinding your teeth and uttering and a few imprecatory Psalms? Thom Rainer blogs some good advice.

Note to readers: A dear friend of mine sent me a copy of this email he sent to his pastor this week. Anonymous letters and emails and...

John Stott on One Quiet Day a Month

By Dick Loizeaux

John. R. W. Stott, who died in 2011, was Rector of All Souls Church in London for 25 years, wrote 50 books, was a leader of the evangelical movement, and was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. How did he maintain spiritual and emotional balance through 5 decades of a demanding church and international ministry? He explains his...


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