Dick Loizeaux

Is the Hole in Your Holiness Hurting Your Church?

By Dick Loizeaux

In the last Converge MidAmerica newsletter Gary Rohrmayer discussed “10 Characteristics of Spiritually Plateaued Leaders.” If you discovered that you aren’t stumbling around in the swamplands of spiritual mediocrity, good for you! But now let me change the question: “Have you scaled the heights of holiness as high as you would like?” That’s a little more...

Getting Honest About Our Worship Services

By Dick Loizeaux

Question: How many Baptists does it take to change an Order of Worship Service?

Answer: “Change? What do you
mean change?” 

And that is not just a joke. Recently Thom Rainer in Pastors Today (thomrainer.com) revealed his research shows the 3 most fiercely defended church traditions are: worship and music style, order of the worship service, and time of the

The Way We Carry the Load

By Dick Loizeaux

I was a strapping 16 year old teenage boy growing up on a dairy farm, feeling strong and self confident. Then one day I struggled to lift a 55 gallon drum of waste onto a flatbed wagon. I tried several times but couldn’t lift it high enough. Meanwhile, old Herbie, a spry 78, stood nearby in his bib overalls, smoking a corncob pipe, watching me fail and grinning.  He shook his head sadly as he walked over and effortlessly lifted the drum onto the wagon. I stood there stunned and humiliated. I mean HUMILIATED.

“Herbie” I asked, “How did you do that?” He removed...

David and Goliath: Are We Teaching the Wrong Lesson

By Dick Loizeaux

A few years ago when I was in Israel, we drove to the Valley of Elah where David battled with Goliath. People wanted to get off the tour bus and collect pebbles to commemorate the battle. A Moody pastor turned to me and whispered: “Those pebbles aren’t really from here. So many tourists take pebbles that the Israeli Board of Tourism sends a truck down to the coast at night to haul in more...

Should your church grab a new.church domain name?

By Dick Loizeaux

Church Law & Tax ran this informative article by D.J. Chuang in August 2014:

Did you know that the Internet name space is quickly expanding far beyond the commonly used domains ending with .com, .net, or .org? And that .church domain names are coming soon?

If you didn’t know, you are not alone. One survey showed that 54 percent of Americans are unaware of...

Why Evangelism Tools Succeed or Fail

By Dick Loizeaux

I have a dinner knife with a bent blade in our silverware drawer. Someone (who shall
remain nameless) tried to use it as a screwdriver. The dinner knife did not remove the screw. The screw damaged the knife. Because dinner knives are not designed to remove screws. 

Pastor’s Tool Time lesson: Using an evangelism tool to accomplish a job it was...

Dealing with Annonymous Letters

By Dick Loizeaux

All pastors get them. Unsigned notes that arrive unannounced and unwelcomed, "kindly" telling us everything we did wrong last Sunday, or at the last business meeting, or since the day we were spawned with a sin nature. They come from our dearest friend, Mister or Misses Anonymous. So what do you do with them after grinding your teeth and uttering and a few imprecatory Psalms? Thom Rainer blogs some good advice.

Note to readers: A dear friend of mine sent me a copy of this email he sent to his pastor this week. Anonymous letters and emails and...

Is Your Church a Front Porch or a Backyard Patio?

By Dick Loizeaux

In the town where I grew up, there is a section of leafy streets lined with stately houses built in the late 1800s. Most of these grand old houses have one thing in common: a large front porch, sometimes wrapping around two or three sides of the house, furnished with wicker chairs, sofas or even a loveseat swinging from the porch rafters. 

In years gone by, those front...

How to Stop Hating the “Vision” Word!

By Dick Loizeaux

Some pastors are real vision animals. But the truth is we are often afraid to admit that the majority of pastors aren’t vision animals.  In fact there is reason to believe as much as 85% of pastors either are confused, frustrated, disappointed, or even angry when it comes to discussing church vision.  See if any of these statements capture your feeling:


Taking Threats to Church Health Seriously

By Dick Loizeaux

Contrary to many of the seminars you and I have attended, we all know that the church is more than just sermons, strategies and systems. It is a living thing with a beating heart. Our church a “body” and like every body it is susceptible to infections that make it sick. Our church a “family” and like any family it probably has dysfunctional behaviors that affect everyone in the family system....


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