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Potholes On The Road To A Generous Church

By Dick Loizeaux

Potholes on The Road To A Generous Church

Have you ever hit a pothole in the road that jarred you uncomfortably? Maybe the pothole was so bad it delayed your arrival, or even damaged your vehicle? Well, sometimes pastors hit potholes on the road to generosity that jar us, delay our arrival, or damage our church.

Not infrequently I hear a...

Knee High By The Fourth of July: Making Summer Productive

By Dick Loizeaux 

Growing up on a dairy farm, I never wondered why school let out for the summer. I knew why. I had to work. I had to work hard cultivating, harvesting, and storing the hay and corn.  You see, harvesting is time sensitive.  If the hay or corn is harvested too early you reduce the volume, the quantity of the harvest. If it is harvested too late you lose the nutrients, the quality of the harvest. If the corn isn’t...

Don't Overlook the "One Thing"

By Dick Loizeaux

It’s the time of year we pastors think strategically. Maybe you preach a stewardship series to create generosity, you plan a sermon series calendar to create spiritual growth, or you preach a Vision series to create momentum. Maybe you are already planning your Easter outreach. All good stuff. But if we aren’t careful, we can overlook the one thing that may be the deciding...

Converge MidAmerica Connect 2015 Sets Records

By Dick Loizeaux

On October 22-23, 254 Converge MidAmerica pastors, wives, and staff, trekked from 7 different states to “Encourage, Equip, Connect and Celebrate” together. We had a lot to celebrate! A record number of states represented, a record number of workshops and network gatherings, a record number of new pastors welcomed, and a record number of Prevailing Pastors recognized. The host church, Calvary Community...

Using Summer To Beat Burnout

By Dick Loizeaux 

Often I hear pastors say something like “I am fried (exhausted, weary, burned out, etc.). I can’t wait for vacation.” When I check in with them after their vacation they tell me how rejuvenated they feel. That’s good, right? Maybe not. Because often they are back to “fried” before Thanksgiving and longing for their Christmas break. They get renewed after Christmas. But then they are fried after Easter....

The Imitation Game

By Dick Loizeaux

When it comes to leadership development I confess there were times when I became so concerned with methodology, technique and curriculum, the latest seminar or latest book, that I neglected the most important part of leadership development. Not instruction  
but imitation.

We learned it as children: “Monkey see, monkey do.”
We learned it from our parents: “You...

How a little helium went a long way

By Dick Loizeaux

You are loved.


It’s a simple phrase. A simple phrase that carried a lot of weight. 


Recently, 15 church planters had the opportunity to show the Chicago neighborhood of Wrigleyville a lot of love.


I  had the opportunity to observe from a distance as these planters walked up to complete strangers to hand them a balloon and give them a card from Missio Dei. 


I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. I guess I would have been a little cynical if some stranger wanted to give me...

Recovering the Whole Gospel of Reconciliation

By Dick Loizeaux

“All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.”
(2 Corinthians 5:18)

Just hearing the words gets our hearts pumping to reconcile people to God through Jesus, doesn’t it? That is our calling. We love being ministers of reconciliation for God!

But the Bible doesn’t let...

Spiritual Formation: Slaying the Elephant in the Church

By Dick Loizeaux

Dallas Willard has written: “…non-discipleship is the elephant in the church; it is not the much discussed moral failures, financial abuses or the amazing general similarity between Christians and non Christians. These are only effects of the underlying problem, the fundamental negative reality among Christian believers now is their failure to be...

Fuel for Our Ministry: The Pastor's Personal Worship

By Dick Loizeaux

Recently, as I was struggling to keep up with the unrelenting pressures of ministry, I found I was running low on spiritual fuel.

You probably know the feeling. You’re physically tired, emotionally drained,
and your spiritual reserves
are running low.

Since I didn’t have time to either slow down or take a break from ministry I had to resort to “in-flight refueling.”  For...


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